A Centreon/Nagios Plugin for HP StoreOnce 4G

There are some Python 3 plugins for the 4th generation of StoreOnce, and they works as expected, but I decided to recreate them in Bash since I was getting some issues installing Python 3 in an old machine. The Bash Plugin does not cover all the functions yet, but the idea is to continue improving it.

At the moment, with this plugin you will be able to:

  • Retrieve the current state of the services: VTL, Object Store, Predupe, Catalyst RPC Server, SMM Thift RPC Service, NAS RPC Server, Replication, Buffer Manager, NAS, VTL RPC Server, Replication RPC Server, RepObj RPC Server, D2D Event Manager, NAS Share Manager, D2D Manager, D2D Reource Manager, ISCSI Daemon, Fiber Channel RPC Server, Store Manager Manager, Licensing RPC Server, RMC ERT iSCSI Daeon, NAS Buffer Manager y D2D Manager -> Option: serviceshealth.
  • Retrieve generic system health information: Sysheal Status, Appliance Status, Data Services Status, Licence Status y Remote Support Status -> Option: syshealth
  • Retrieve the current status of hardware components: -> Option: compstatus

The requirements are the following:

  • Bash v4
  • curl
  • jq

The usage is the following:

./check_storeonce4g_plugin -h <ip> -u <user> -p <pass> -o [<option> = serviceshealth || syshealth || compstatus ]

You will find the plugin in my GitHub: github.com/deividgdt/check_StoreOnce_4G_plugin

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